Are you a single woman wanting to feel safe and better protected? Do you have children in need of self-discipline, more confidence and better self-esteem? Are you a man who enjoys sparring to build speed and endurance? We welcome children as well through those still young at heart, starting at age 8 years old and older.

The Tracy's Kenpo Karate system utilizes a colored belt system similar to many other martial arts. The student begins as a white belt and progresses through the system with the highest rank - the 7th degree black belt.

Along with self-defense techniques, there are basics to be learned in each belt up through green. These basics include kicks, blocks, punches, stances and ground fighting techniques. As you go through the belt levels, it will become more evident that Kenpo Karate is a complete fighting system.

Whether you're a new student or an advanced rank, Tracy's Karate of North Royalton is here to help you get the most out of your exploration of the martial arts! From our private lessons within our family-oriented dojo to our challenging group classes ...
Tracy's Karate of North Royalton is the place to train!

Why Choose Tracy's Karate of North Royalton?

• Tracy's Karate of North Royalton is family owned and operated and is one of the oldest and most established Martial Arts Studios in the Greater Cleveland Area.

• Each owner/instructor began study of Kenpo Karate in 1979 and has been teaching Kenpo Karate since 1986.

• At Tracy's Karate of North Royalton, you will have an assigned personal instructor committed to your success.

• Weekly half-hour private lessons combined with unlimited group classes, allows you to progress at your own speed and athletic ability.

• Published belt requirements and no hidden costs or testing fees. One person or the whole family .. same monthly price.
(Some restrictions apply)

• Tracy's Karate of North Royalton carries a large selection of martial arts supplies and training equipment for purchase.

For more information about karate lessons, please e-mail Mark Wroblewski at or call us at 440-237-0191
and an instructor will be happy to answer your questions.

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First Month Introductory Lesson
Only $39.95

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